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WSOP free chips

WSOP Texas Holdem Poker Free Chips – Bonus Exchange

  • Welcome to WSOP, poker is one of the best plays. The World Series of Poker Tournament is the world’s best poker game in online poker. It is liked by all the casino players in the world. You can easily play it offline. Including you win chips and prizes.
  • During registration in WSOP you get 1 million chips free. Latest WSOP Free Chips.
  • We are providing you the link to play poker. For this, you go to, where you are available to play all the games of poker.
  • Create your account, sign up and get 1 million free chips just to play poker in WSOP.
  • Friends, our aim is to provide all information to the poker player and to give them as many WSOP Free Chips as possible. So that he can get as much as possible.
  • The WSOP chips available from us are taken from official sources, which you can use confidently. They are updated daily.

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How to get free chips on wsop

We will tell you here how you can get WSOP Free Chips for yourself. This app will force you to buy chips multiple times and will show you advertisements. But you do not have to get chips by spending real money on them. We are going to tell you here, how you can get WSOP Free Chips.

If you as a new player download this application and sign up for the WSOP app. So you will get 1 million WSOP Free Chips at the beginning of this application. Which you use to start your game. For this, you have to install the app on the phone.

All About WSOP App

Many people may not know about WSOP, but we will tell you that WSOP is an official World Series poker application. Through which poker programs can be played on mobile. world series of poker chip codes that help you to earn more money in the app and participate in the game. WSOP free is a mobile application that you can install on all types of devices. This app is available for both Android and iOS Device. You can download it.

How to use  WSOP App

  • Download the WSOP app to your device using the Play Store.
  • After installing, you have to register the account.
  • You can use your mail id in it.
  • WSOP You can also log in with your existing Facebook account.
  • After logging in you are given free chips, now you can start the app.

Note – If you want to hide your online poker identity in the WSOP App, do not use Facebook. You can use your email address instead of Facebook.

Some extra Features of WSOP App

  • No ads of any kind
  • Free 1 million welcome chips
  • Get Texas Holdem poker link
  • WSOP does not claim duplicate bonuses.
  • Track click count
  • Add new players with you.
  • See other players’ stats
  • Spin every 4 hours and get the chips.jherrya6

New updated WSOP Free Mega Bonus

After installing the WSOP app you get $ 1 million of Free WSOP Chips. You can use them to play poker. But WSOP also gives you a chance to win a free mega bonus. Apart from free WSOP chips, you can also get mega bonuses. On the home screen of the application, you see a red “Mega Bonus” button. Through which you receive bonuses. For this, you have to rotate the mega bonus wheel. Here how many chips you get by rotating it depends on your luck.
Here you can get different amounts of chips from a hundred to a few million from the bonus wheel. You get a free bonus spin from time to time, which you spin and get a WSOP Free Mega Bonus.
This mega bonus is given to you from time to time. As you progress in poker, and advance in your ranks, the rewards on the bonus wheel also increase. You have to spin every four hours to get wsop promo code. You can get free chips for WSOP several times a day by logging into WSOP every four hours.


Get a Gift for More Free WSOP Chips

We have told you about the WSOP Free Chips and free mega bonus, how you can get them. Now we are going to tell you another way to get more chips, in which you can get some extra free chips. The best way to do this is to get gifts from your friends. You can get chips from your friends through maximum gifts, and send them.
You can make more friends for this, each friend can send a daily gift. The exact number of chips you will receive from the gift depends on the club’s position. If you are a member of it, you can Get Free Chips ranging from 10.8k to 54k at Jack’s Club.

Other Ways to Get WSOP Free Chips

Friends, we have told you how you can get chips without spending any money. And you can get free chips for your WSOP App. We are telling you other ways besides these which will help in getting more chips.

  • Get 1 Million WSOP as Free Bonus.
  • Receive bonus points from other players connected to you
  • Spin and get free chips at the price.
  • Can take gifts from friends.
  • Use WSOP Chips Code.
  • Complete daily missions and play poker recall, this will give you a bonus.
  • By following simple poker tips, you may be able to get more chips.

Conclusion –

Friends, we have provided you all information about WSOP App. You can also play a poker game using it on your mobile phone. You will not need any other payment for this. These free chips and bonuses will give you everything. You can play such games at your discretion.